Ride Share Waiver

Ride Share Bulletin Board 
Students traveling to and from Colby Campus
Waterville, Me, June 18-30, 2017


By requesting and using a password to enter this community ride-share bulletin board, you are agreeing not to hold The Maine Orthopaedic Review, LLC (MOR) and/or its officers responsible should something unexpected happen in your ride-share experience. You understand that there are inherent risks in sharing a ride with someone such as delayed or canceled ride, car accidents, lost belongings or other unforeseeable occurrences. This site was created to provide an interface for students to communicate and share rides while traveling to MOR.

Please do not share the password to the site. Let each participant communicate with MOR to acknowledge this waiver and get their own password. I understand that access to the ride-share site is intended solely for participants of the Maine Orthopaedic review Course 2017 being held from June 18- June 30, 2017.

I understand that MOR will not be involved in this exchange in any other way aside from providing the password for entering the site and that any matches between the participants are solely at their own discretion.

MOR will in no way arrange individual ride-share transportation meeting times, places or contact information, furnish vehicles for the stated program, or verify the safety and security of other participants or vehicles, nor do the releases guarantee ride-share matches by way of said interface. In addition, I recognize that the ride-share will take place via the private or rented vehicles of participants and that MOR equipment, facilities or staff will not be used to assist in the actual implementation of the program.

I understand that MOR has not verified the safety and/or security of any of the participants or the participants’ vehicles involved in this program.  Moreover, MOR cannot ensure that the drivers involved in the ride-share interface have a valid drivers’ license or vehicle insurance. I furthermore understand that MOR will not provide personal automobile/accident insurance for the ride-share interface. As such, I fully understand that it is my responsibility to verify this information with any individual with whom I would like to establish a ride-share.

I RELEASE and WAIVE MY RIGHT TO SUE the The Maine Orthopaedic Review, LLC, and its employees, officers and agents from all liability to me for any loss, theft or damage and any claim or demands on account of injury to the person, participating dependents, property or resulting in my death or my participating dependents while my participating dependents and I are participating in the ride-share for students of MOR.

This RELEASE AND WAIVER is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the law of the State of Maine and if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.

I Accept Ride Share Waiver

Thank you,

©The Maine Orthopaedic Review, 2017
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