Preparation for the Written (Part I) Exam

June 20th-July 1st, 2022

Preparation for Part I is designed to meet the needs of the board candidate or practicing orthopaedist via a thorough review of current orthopaedic surgery. This includes lectures and intranet-based comprehensive question bank. Participants will increase their fund of knowledge through daily lectures covering the breadth of orthopaedics through the first week of the course. See the lecture schedule here.

MOR offers a comprehensive question bank, based on the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Self-Assessment and Specialty Examinations. Our current format includes nearly 11,000 questions and answers replete with references and links to MOR study guides. The intranet-based portion of the course is available throughout the length of the course, 24/7, through the date of the board exam.

Fee for MOR program:  $1,700.00

50 CME plus  MOC (Maintenance of Certification) eligible

Register for housing separately.

Direct inquiries about the Maine Orthopaedic Review and Housing Registration to:
Maine Orthopaedic Course
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Augusta, ME 04330
Telephone: (800) 792-0003

Direct inquiries about the use of computers at the Maine Orthopaedic Review to: Mark Dinsmore