MOR2021 is completely virtual with an option for attendees to go to Colby College to stay and study. Access to lectures and QBank will be remote. No faculty are traveling to Colby College this year. QBank and recorded lectures after the first LIVE but not in-person week of lectures will continue via HSS' portal until July 23rd.

  • Part I lectures (with virtual faculty) will take place June 22-June 26. The introduction will be in the evening of Monday June 21.
  • Part II Mock Oral Case Reviews have been delayed until September 2021 with a date TBD
  • Extended Access to the Question Bank (QBank) will be made available this year up to July 23rd
  • On-demand Virtual Access to the Recorded Lectures through July 23, 2021
  • One Year Subscription to HSS Journal: The Musculoskeletal Journal of Hospital for Special Surgery

MOR Online

MOR course materials may be accessed through the Colby College intranet, available through the period of the course on the Colby College campus only. Lecture presentations and note taking tools are provided on a memory stick in PDF format. MOR provides a unique opportunity for online learning and review with access to self-assessment exams and online references.

MOR computer review materials are accessible on campus only. MOR material is not available beyond the last day of the course. Use of Colby College’s network and/or computing facilities implies consent with the College’s Code of Ethics for Information Technology, whether or not you have read the document. Maine Orthopaedic Review is not responsible for any data loss incurred by the use of our software. Access to our network will be denied to computers that are not updated or are infected. Address IT concerns to Gene Cornwall, We look forward to seeing you in Maine!

50 CME and MOC (Maintenance of Certification) eligible

Direct inquiries about the Maine Orthopaedic Review and Housing to:
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Telephone: (800) 792-0003

Direct inquiries about the use of computers at the Maine Orthopaedic Review to: Gene Cornwall at